Dec 2, 2004
Today the evaluators were here as well 2 teachers from Harbor. The class was continuing work on Poem on Poem assignment. The idea is to tell us what you know about poetry based of course on your prior knowledge. They read many examples of poems on poems by other poets, some famous and some unknown. Towards the end of class we shared. Aleeya's was read first by Shaniqua. Then Jennifer read Kyle's and explained why she chose to write him about his poem. When I asked if anyone wanted to read hir poem, Haris read his. His last line made the whole exercise worth it as he condensed the whole poetry process into its essence:
    What Is Poetry
    Is It Giving Is It Deceiving
    Poetry Is A Treat
    That You Earn
    Can be Write Can Be Wrong
    Poetry Is Gift That you receive
    You Can't Deceive It
    You Must Retrieve It
    Poetry Is The Greatest Gift Of All
    Chicks Dig Men Who Read And Write Poetry!
The class discussion that followed was amazing. with so many adults in the class, it became a poetry lovefest speaking of how rappers and singers use poetry to write love songs, and of course the names of Burns and Shakespeare emerged. Many of the students left with a greater appreciation of poetry and its use and need, LOVE. In fact many young girls went to look at Haris' ditty before they left class.