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    February 12 through February 27, 2005, Christo and Jeanne-Claude will display their project, The Gates in Central Park. You will need to visit Central Park, more than once, to experience it. Have you been to Central Park before? How does this Christo project alter Central Park, enhance it, change your view of it? Take notes; interview people to discover their reactions (Are 'The Gates' in Central Park great art or just great hype?); take pictures with you in them; draw pictures; record the sounds. Use all media to illustrate and annotate your journey to Central Park to see and enjoy what Christo and Jeanne-Claude have constructed. Create a file called christo.html and use it to record your observations to illustrate your project with your own artwork. To prepare yourself for your visit, please follow the links above to start your research and investigation into this couple and their work. Your page will relate what you find out about them and their work, while providing us with your reflection on their current work, The Gates. Become involved in a BLOG to post critiques, voice messages and images from the event. This is an international event in your backyard, take advantage of it. You will want/need to make more than one visit, so plan accordingly.

    You should collect data about Christo and Jeanne-Claude from the links above. Who are they? Why are they doing The Gates? Provide details about this project. What kind of project would you do at ITHS that is Christo-like?

    "It has no purpose," Jeanne-Claude said.
    "It is not a symbol. It is not a message. It is only a work of art."

    After answering several questions, however, Christo became clearly frustrated by trying to explain his work and emphatically urged experience over rational inquiry.

     "This project is not involved with talk," he said. "It is real physical space. You need to spend time walking in the cold air - sunny day, rainy day, even snow. It is not necessary to talk."

    Have fun and enjoy this experience.

  • An article about the event.

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