Final for June 2005

Final for June 2005

Acquisition of Knowledge

ou will create a file called june.html. This file will be used to discuss your year in CyberEnglish. You will discuss and point to all of your work in this webfolio hypertext essay. The theme of the essay will be the "acquisition of knowledge." How is knowledge acquired, gained, gotten, kept, maintained, lost? Who dispenses knowledge? Once this knowledge is acquired, what happens to the people we have read about and to you? You will be inquiring into your own learning, how do you learn? How do you "aquire knowledge"?

s you reevaluate all of your work: I am, Book Reviews, Poetry, "Harrison Bergeron," Catcher in the Rye, Christo, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Flatland inquire into the acquisition of knowledge and power. You may revise this previous work and add sentences to help make the theme of june.html work and be more clear. You will make all the work you have done work within the theme of this final essay. Of course this final is all about you, so be sure to reflect on self always and constantly as your work helps you know yourself.

his essay will be at least 7 paragraphs long, so you can have a paragraph for each of the works you wrote this year. Be sure to use "acquisition of knowledge" freely in the essay especially the first paragraph and in the topic sentence of all other paragraphs. Use of this phrase cannot be overused.

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