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Thus far...

The ambitious climb high and perilous stairs, and never care how to come down; the desire of rising hath swallowed up their fear of a fall.
Thomas Adams

As you reflect on ALL of the work, you have done this semester in CyberEnglish, consider how it is the first year of high school and how it has been important in setting a good academic foundation for your high school experience. Explain how the skills in CyberEnglish have helped you in other classes. Point out your pride, show your successes, explain the process you went through to achieve this success. Be detailed with hypertext links to your work as evidence, as you explain your experience in CyberEnglish and its impact on you as a scholar. Using "BECAUSE" will help. Don't forget about the archives. Call this file webfolio.html.

Where are you now?
In the first part, I want you to write about how this year in CyberEnglish has helped you see your strengths and weaknesses. I want you to reflect on how you embraced your strengths to overcome or recognize your weaknesses. I want you to make hypertext links from this final document to your work to help illustrate your actions and to comment on how these artifacts of yours show you using your strengths to help you with your weaknesses. What this part of the essay will do is to have you assess where you are now in June as compared to where you were in September. You will be assessing your performance, the work you did this year.

  • Introduce a section of your work as a sample and provide a link to the whole work. Then analyze the section as it reflects on the whole piece.
  • Be sure to link to the assignments and to each of the larger work you mention.
  • The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around looking like hard work.
    Thomas Alva Edison

    Where will you be?
    In the second part of the essay you are to discuss your future. We have established the present as detailed in the first part. Now you want to discuss how this semester's experience will be used as a springboard for you in achieving success, not only next semester, but also in high school. Outline how you plan to use the CyberEnglish experience to graduate from high school with class, grace, and high academic achievement. Simply saying what you want is not enough in this part. What have you done to show your future will be better. Provide evidence in your current work that will help you explain how your future will be what you want and that you can achieve it. I don't want you to talk the talk, I want you to walk the walk. Show us, don't tell us. Remember you will have to proofread ALL of your work.

  • What work that you have done this year provides a glimpse of what you can do. What did you do this year that you didn't think you could and did.
  • Use quotes from Quotes of the Day or another source throughout your essay.
  • Getting Started
    We will start in BlackBoard.

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