Dear Scholars,
    Your work, as described on "Today's Menu" will be posted on your webpages. Your work is public. That means everyone can see it. You have taken the first step in scholarship: make it public. We will now engage in peer review. That peer review will guide you as you construct your webpages and webfolio. The work you do for this class will be published on your webpages. In addition to us viewing your work, more peers and even telementors may drop by, so keep in mind you are performing for more than just your teacher. The world could be watching and in fact is. Basically you are very public about your work, so show your pride in your work. Besides what I say in class or write on the Today's Menu, we will also be using the rubrics, created by NYState and NYCity (listed below) These rubrics are the rubrics the state uses in assessing the ELA Regents exam, that all scholars must take and pass to receive a high school diploma. Explore the rubrics to see what gets you that diploma. That being said and explored at later dates, let me return to the here and now. What is most important in our assessment is that you have something for us to assess and practice Scholarship. So get busy and stay busy! Oh yeah, an essay on the Regents is expected to be 250 words, so when you ask how long should the essay be, 250 may be the answer.

    In addition to your webpages, you will be assessed based on your VETY quizzes and by your peer reviews. The email your peers, your telementors (if you have one or more), and I send you are important and should indicate what has been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished. Your journal will be where you write your own assessment of your work. Finally my notes at the end of this page are general and in some cases specific about what is expected and should be done by you.

    Read this to learn more about the webfolio.

    Mr Nellen

The Rubrics:

Were one to think in terms of percentages, this is how it would breakdown:
book reports count 5% for each one
each word of iam.html is worth 5%
1% for each vety quiz
each project we do is 5% for each one.
your ejournal is worth 5%.