"Believe none of what you hear
and half of what you see."

Benjamin Franklin
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    Explain how the above quote applies to the articles below. First, analyze the quote above. Second, read the articles below and describe what you discover about resources on the Internet. Third, apply the meaning of the quote to the articles in an essay you name wiki.html. Fourth, conclude with a discussion of how you receive information and from what source; be it the Internet, the newspaper, magazine, television, or people; so as to inform yourself more clearly. You want to discuss the concept of perspective or point of view, of both sides of an issue, and of using multiple sources. Provide examples from your own life's experiences that help support your arguments.

    Read these articles below and investigate:

    1. Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar from The New York Times. ACCORDING to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, John Seigenthaler Sr. is 78 years old and the former editor of The Tennessean in Nashville. But is that information, or anything else in Mr. Seigenthaler's biography, true?
    2. Read this article A false Wikipedia 'biography' an Op-Ed by John Seigenthaler.
    3. Wikipedia author: false entry was joke
    4. Online encyclopedia tightens rules
    5. Is an Online Encyclopedia, Such as Wikipedia, Immune From Libel Suits? Under Current Law, the Answer Is Most Likely Yes, But that Law Should Change
    6. Internet encyclopaedias go head to head Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia comes close to Britannica in terms of the accuracy of its science entries, a Nature investigation finds.
      A response to the above article.
    7. Nature mag cooked Wikipedia study
    8. Podcast47: In Defense of Encyclopedia Britannica
    9. Wikipedia controversy Main article: John Seigenthaler Sr. Wikipedia biography controversy
    10. Students Expose Sex Offender Through Wikipedia Research
    11. Wikipedia Blocks School's Editing Privileges Due to Vandalism
    12. Can Wikipedia conquer expertise? by STACY SCHIFF in NEW YORKER Issue of 2006-07-31
    13. "The Hive" Marshall Poe in Sept 2006 The Atlantic. Can thousands of Wikipedians be wrong? How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history's biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge.
    14. Seeing Corporate Fingerprints in Wikipedia Edits By KATIE HAFNER Published: August 19, 2007 Last year a Wikipedia visitor edited the entry for the SeaWorld theme parks to change all mentions of “orcas” to “killer whales,” insisting that this was a more accurate name for the species.
    15. Wikipedia Tries Approval System July 17, 2008, Bits

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