Study sheet for “On Liars” by Montaigne. Answer all questions in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper. Be sure to use the proper heading.

1. What is the topic about which Montaigne begins his essay?

2. To what other quality in man does Montaigne include with the topic of his essay?

3. Montaigne is prone to what as opposed to indifference?

4. What does Montaigne call a “worse evil”?

5. What is the use of personification in paragraph five?

6. What does Montaigne suggest is a great curse of a good memory in storytelling?

7. Why does Darius ask a page to repeat in his ear, “Sire, remember the Athenians"?

8. What is the difference between an untruth and a lie, according to Montaigne?

9. How does Montaigne explain why it is difficult for liars to invent the whole thing?

10. What is Montaigne’s “amusing proof” of lying?

11. Montaigne calls lying “an accursed vice” which begins when in man?

12. If truth has one face, how many faces does a lie have, according to Montaigne?

13. Why is “the company of a dog we know better than a man whose language we do not understand”?

14. What happened to Merveille?

15. What was Taverna self-contradiction?

16. What was the fate of the Pope’s ambassador to the King of England?

17-20. What qualities of “On Liars” by Montaigne makes it an essay?