Sonnet Compare and Contrast

Create an Outline for an essay you will write later comparing and contrasting the two sonnets:

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Introductory Paragraph

I. How do I Love thee? E B Browning
	A. type of poem
		1. sonnet
		2. 14 lines
	B. Rhyme Scheme
		1. abbaabbacdcdcd: function
		2. octet/sestet
			a. question: ?
			b. answer: ?
		3. paraphrase poem
	C. Meter
		1. Iambic
		2. pentameter
		3. different line, which one?	
	D. literary elements
		1. metaphors
			a. 2-3; 12-13, explain them
			b. SIMILES 7&8
		2. images: 5 senses
	E. repetition of words
		1. i love thee 7 X
		2. the last line
	F. theme of love

II. "Let me compare thee.." shakespeare

	A. Type of poem
		1. sonnet
		2. 14 lines
	B. rhyme scheme
		1. ababcdcdefefgg
		2. quatrains
			a. paraphrase 1, Q/P		

			b. paraphrase 2
			c. paraphrase 3
			d. rhyming couplet A/S

	C. meter
		1. iambic
		2. pentameter
		3. different line ? importance

	D. literary terms
		1. metaphors
			a. which one
			b. which one

		2. personification
			a. example

	E. repetition of words (importance)
		1. more 2X
		2. fair 3X
		3. eternal 2X
		4. so long 2X
		5. summer 4X
		6. this in last line

	F. theme = beauty, love

III. Compare the 2

 Contrast the 2

Concluding paragraph