"Advice to Youth"  Mark Twain 1882

Define Satire.

Define didactic, beseechingly, superstition, offend, lark, temperate, elegance, diligence,
eminence, tedious, peerless, sewn, anesthesia, slander, meddle, gatling gun, waterloo,
inestimable, precepts.

What are the six items Twain provides as advice to youth?

Why is obeying the best policy, in Twain's opinion?

What superstition do parents have according to Twain?

How does Twain instruct the youth to avoid violence?

Why is lying bad?

How is lying a great art?

What is Twain's advice to youth about lying?

Twain provides an anecdote about firearms. Why is it funny or not?

Why shouldn't youth handle firearms, according to Twain?

What is his advice about reading?

What is the result of building one's character, according to Twain?

Why is this article a good example of Satire?