From Desiree Ong: > To update their websites,Mac users should use the program Terminal, > which comes with Mac OSX. > > At the prompt,they should type: > > ssh > > to access their website. UNI is their Columbia User id, usually their > initials plus 4 random numbers. > > cd public_html > pico index.html > From Deborah Feigenson : usually the problem when things don't show up is that something, a very tiny thing, is mistyped. Like, lets say you want to make something bold: bold this will make the entire rest of the page bold because you typed this at the end: instead of this:. It sucks, but you just have to keep going back and re-doing it until it works. In order to make a new document, you have to make a new html file and cut and paste from word. Open Cunix step 1: login step 2: cd public_html step 3: pico work01.html ***notice that I typed work01 instead of index.html. Doing this will automatically make a new page entitled work01*** Now, you should see a blank screen in cunix. step 4: Go to word, open the document you want, and cut and paste into cunix. step 5: press ctrl o step 6: press enter step 7: press ctrl x (this will let you exit "work01.html" Now you should see a dollar sign prompt step 8:chmod o+r work01.html (this makes the work public) step 9: pico index.html step 10: in your index, under "my work," type TITLE OF WORK step 11: ctrl o step 12: press enter step 13: refresh the page. the change should be there. The file will look weird because the formatting won't transfer from word to html. now, you can go back and format by step 1: pico work01.html and now play with the formatting and background using the html commands. the simple ones I know: is bold. Don't forget at the end of what you want to bold. italic

new paragraph

tab indent
    1st line regular, the rest is indented
    text moves to next line

    there is a space between the two lines Hope that helps. . . have fun! Deb