Cyber English I, Library Computer Lab

February 17, 7-9pm - Cohort 1
March 3, 7-9pm - Cohort 2
March 24, 7-9pm - Cohort 3

  1. add journal.html
    don't forget: chmod o+r journal.html
  2. Use the journal to record your reflections about making this webpage.
  3. I hope you are asking your scholars to journal.
  4. Add your lessons, webquest..

  • ToDaY's MeNu
  • Other Use: <pre> <blockquote> <blockquote> at the beginning of every file you create. Then type what you want in the format you want. Press CTRL-O; ENTER. Refresh the Browser Page. See changes. Remember to make the new webpage visible, you must type chmod o+r filename.html "filename" is the name you give it. Keep the filename simple and lower case. For book reports, call them: br1.html, br2.html... an ANTITEST page with links to what the scholars think.