Pointing rather than owning...

Pointing to the image on the net may be the better way to go rather than haviong that image in your directory for many reasons. Copyright is certainly one, while disk space is another. How?

  • First you need to find the URL, address, or the image you want to use. To do this,
    on PC put the mouse pointer on the image and click the right mouse. In pop up window see Properties? Click on Properties and in the middle of the next screen is Address (URL). highlight this address and copy it with right mouse or EDIT...
    on a MAC hold down the ALT key and the MOUSE until a dialogue box appears. choose open in new window, so you can capture the URL of the graphic;

  • then go to your editor and use the img src code like this:
    <img src="http://www.tnellen.com/heart.jpg">