Here are links to some well done and nicely designed Webquests from Ramapo State College students. Our own Pablo Zatz is among these stellar examples.

  • Endangered Species Court
  • I want to be your neighbor!

    Now to see more you will have to do some navigating. Go to this link and when here yo uwill see the alphabet. click on any letter and you will be in a directory of student names. then choose any student and click that name. you will then be brought to a listing of files. You may be lucky to find a file or two called Webquest.html or Webquest.htm. Great! click on those. If not, try to locate a file which has a name that ends in .htm or .html which should bring you into the Webquest and allow you to click on the HOME button. Searching this way is good practice for you as you learn to navigate about a list of files and learn how to read them and learn how to glean information. It will be well worth your while.

    The Webquest link will also provide some examples, but there are more in each of the alphabet directories as well.