Altering size of the picture with width and height tags

Okay so you have this, but the image is too big. How do I change the size. Well in this environment we use the measure of pixels. A pixel is a small measurement. 72 pixels = 1 inch. To proportionately resize the graphic, use a ruler and determine the rough shape and size in inches. This does not need to be exact. This shape below is a rectangle, width is greater than height. Roughly speaking this image looks like 4" high and 6" wide. I will keep that ratio as I resize.
<img src="">

I now have to add width and height commands to the img src command. Now if I determine the picture is 4X6 that is the current graphic is 288 pixels X 432 pixels. Now let's say I want it to be 1" high proportionatley speaking it needs to be 1 1/2 inches wide or 108 pixels, I then need to use 72X108 as height and width tags.

<img src="" height=72 width=108>

I want to resize images in some cases because the size of the image on my page my be too large. I can also make the smaller image a "thumbnail" of the larger graphic and a link to the larger image. Understand, by merely using a smaller width and height code, doesn't make the image smaller, it merely makes its presentation on your page smaller and the download time will be the same whether it is large or small using this procedure. There's MORE you can do. If you want to make the image smaller you need a program like Photoshop.