Carnegie Scholarship of TedNellen

The Carnegie Scholarship
of Ted Nellen


Cyber English, a class I have been teaching in a New York City public high school since 1994, has provided me the opportunity to discover just how community involvement with my scholars can affect educational reform and support the idea "that it takes a village to raise the child." Cyber English began on the idea that I wanted to make my scholars' work public, to engage in peer review, and to be part of the "food chain." An immediate by-product was community engagement as "outsiders" discovered my scholars' work on the web and began emailing them their impressions. This began my telementoring program. Next, parents began to visit their child's page. Finally, business was able to view scholar's work to find potential employees. This discovery opened up my thinking to how I could use the CyberEnglish model to foster my thoughts on manifesting educational reform on a larger national scale.

Reform is not solely a teacher responsibility; it requires more of a community effort. Reform will require the involvement of the student, teacher, administrator, parent, business community, politician, and educational vendors. I have found in Cyber English that the community can be involved in the "raising of the child." Cyber English is a totally online class I have taught in a New York City public high school since 1994. My students use the Internet to access the reading material, to post their work, and to engage in peer review. A discovered aspect was that by being so public the public had access to them and some became telementors. Telementors opened up my thinking of how the community could be engaged in the educational reform movement. The notion of accountability has become the driving force in current educational reform mandates. Current forms of accountability involve high stakes tests and standards, which must be met. The problem is in the distribution of resources in all communities on an equitable basis. I found the Internet to be a way of leveling that distribution of resources especially when it came to access to telementors.

I am currently in the process of writing a book titled Cyber English. This book will provide readers with the practical theory of my class. The book will discuss and explain how I went about making my scholars work public, engage in peer review, interact with telementors, and become part of the larger body of scholarship. Following the theory I will provide some practical examples via case studies of three students to show how their community engagement illustrates the place for the Internet as an important tool for educational reform.

The greatest support I can get is to get peer review from my colleagues on my work. The next step would be to examine Cyber English.

To follow and to practice what I preach and in the true spirit of scholarship I make my work public for peer review and welcome all comments. So please email Ted Nellen.

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