My Inquiry into the Ecology of Education

My Inquiry
into the
Ecology of Education

As you can see I am exploring facets of my work and of the ecology of learning to locate a topic of research and scholarship. I'm very serious with the idea of the "razing the school" to raise learning. However this large undertaking requires a very detailed and systematic study. On a smaller scale, I practice Cyber English, which is my trinity. The theory of it is constructivist and the practice is student/learner centered. Community involvement in the education of its citizens is crucial and the Internet allows this theory to be practiced via telementoring, which is one of the most powerful aspects of the wired class. And the matter of assessment as the tool which provides the veracity of such an undertaking is a gnawing annoying part of education which just won't go away. It is sort of like the "ends justifying the means." I hate the current obsession of standards in this country. It is not grounded in pedagogy. Assessment is correct but the current direction and mindless dependency upon them is short sighted and wrong headed. If assessment is to assist education and ultimately the young child in our schools, it shouldn't be high stress nor so poorly designed. The current standards movement is a political agenda without any pedagogical grounding and as such damaging and harmful to education. It does not reflect the acknowledged theory of education nor does it imitate the best practices. I wish to negotiate the various aspects of this ticklish topic and provide a technologically based option. It will be grounded in pedagogy and consider the needs of the scholars and their education. I must always remind myself that schools are for the kids and not for teachers, politicians, or anyone else.

All of this has something to do with the ecology of learning. I will need to explore this phrase, define it, as I develop my scholarship.
What is the ecology of education?
How will this knowledge improve education?


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