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Internet Applications
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Ted Nellen

  1. On Morphing into a Cybrarian The former is an article and the latter an essay on changing into a Cybrarian, which is essentially about realizing the "guide by the side" adage.
  2. On Becoming a Cybrarian is an outline on the process.
  3. The Cybrary is a first sticking point for all Cybrarians.
  4. Some Resources available online for the morpher.
  5. New York Time Learning Network is an excellent source for material.
  6. The Mining Company is yet another great resource for the Cybrarian.
  7. Online Journals/Zines provide access to many of the print material.
  8. Search Engines are crucial in harvesting the net.
  9. Internet Projects at MBHS shows how just one school manages the new wired environment.
  10. Schools Online will introduce you to other schools online.
  11. Cyber English is an example of how one teacher uses the Internet in his NYC public high school English class.
  12. Syllaweb is the online syllabus for Cyber English.
  13. Hypertext Haiku is an example of one of the projects done in Cyber English.

Ted Nellen