Missouri examples
I am working with teachers all across the state of Missouri who are creating
class web pages.  Most of them are 3rd and 4th grade classes, but there are
a few 5th grade ones.  We HIGHLY recommend having signed forms from parents
about their kids inclusion on the web page.  We tell the teachers not to put
a name and picture on the same page, so a student cannot be easily
recognised.  Only a few parents will not sign the permission form, but we
respect their choice to not have their student's name, picture or work put
up on the page.  The form the parent fills out lets them choose seperately
what they will allow and what they won't.  Many schools here love front
page, but we train with Netscape Composer because it is available everywhere
and free.  If you go to the Map of Missouri on our site and click on one of
the regions you can see the class webpages that the teachers have made.  In
the Central region there are several 5th grade teachers.  They are new to
the program so their pages may not be linked yet.


Here are some links on forms to send out:



Janice Friesen
Area Instructional Specialist
eMINTS (enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies)