Project #7

Project:# 7 Journalism

The Fourth Estate

There are many K12 school newspapers on line now.
Go to Zines in Cyber Library and review some K12 Newspapers.
Keep track of which ones you review.
School, title, and URL etc
What did you like?
What didn't you like?
Review at least three newspapers.
Writing your K-12 newspaper review on the Internet.

For teachers of Journalism:

  • jteacher An online resource for journalism educators and students
  • American Society of Newspaper Editors
  • High School Journalism
  • Journalism Education Association
  • Journalism Guide from Poynter's HS Journalism Class.
  • Journalistic Design
  • Working together to establish an internet presence, is the brainchild of the Project of Excellence in Journalism and the Committee of Concerned Journalists. The Web site effectively serves as a portal and utility for persons interested in journalism, and contains a catalog of tools, techniques and ideas, empirical research, job links, and numerous other helpful materials for the general public, practicing journalists, and journalism students.
  • Mr. Turtola's Journalism Page ****

    Being Media Literate:


    • Journalism Teacher excellent readings and lessons on law and ethics
    • First Amendment Schools project
    • more activities and lessons on law and ethics
    • comprehensive look at the state of journalism ed. today includes Quicktime discussion between director of Student Press Law Center and the principal of Hazelwood High school at the time of the Supreme Court decision
    • The ASNE site also includes lesson plans on law and ethics and other teaching Tips
    • Laws of the Student Press includes material on First Amendment, censorship, prior review, and student rights concerning use of internet; also quizzes to accompany SPLC's Law of the Student Press
    • Chilling Effect Online Journalism Review by USC Annenberg publishes articles by and for teen journalists on scholastic journalism issues
    • Ethics provides a variety of cases that raise ethical questions student journalists face, such as privacy, conflict of interest, reporter-source relationships, and the role of journalists in the community
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