Project #9

Project:#09 Holiday Scavenger Hunt

You are going research the December Holidays and write an essay called holiday.html. It will contain the answers to the following Scavenger Hunt and other goodies you deem appropriate. You are to examine each of the different celebrations people around the world celebrate in December.


  • How people celebrate.
  • Foods eaten
  • unique traditions
  • gifts exchanged
  • dates of holiday
  • song or story of holiday from each culture

    Your holiday.html document should contain links to each holiday and you should be sure to make comments about your discoveries. This assignment is designed to make you aware of other cultural celebrations so concentrate on those other than your own. Your written work should reflect your understanding of each holiday celebration, so that you could explain each to someone who does not know.
    This assignment is due before you leave for Holidays.

    Happy Holiday Hunting.


    How many different ways can you spell Hanukkah?
    What do Jews celebrate on Hanukkah?
    What is the history of this holiday?
    What games and family events are held during this time?


    What is Kwanzaa?
    How, when, and why did this holiday start?
    What is the cultural and historical significance?

    Christmas in Asia

    How is Christmas celebrated in Asia? Include at least three countries and Japan.
    What makes Japan different from the other Asian countries?

    Christmas Quiz

    Take the some Christmas Quizzes online.

    Hints to answer the above questions.

    Writing your Holiday essay on the Internet.

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