Project #14

Project:# 14 Drama

  • Developed in part by the University of Exeter's School of Performance Art (with the help of Jon Primrose), the aim of is "to eventually be the best resource for practical information and advice about technical theatre techniques for theatre folk at any level." The site is divided into a number of thematic sections where browsers can go to find out information about props, lighting, rigging, sound, and stage management, along with eleven other topics. For those looking to find out about a particular theatre term, they should take a look at the online glossary, which contains over 1400 terms. The glossary is searchable by first letter, word, or for fun, there is a random word finder as well. The costume section is also rather useful, as it features links to online costume galleries, sites featuring research on costumes, and a link to businesses that supply and rent costumes to theatre organizations.

  • Lovers of the dramaturgical arts will want to take a look at, which offers a host of resources on the long and storied past of this performing art. The homepage for the site features links to a script archive, a Today in Theatre History section, a featured topic area, and a listing of the other areas covered within the site. The script archive is worth a look by aspiring thespians, as it includes a number of monologues, 10-minute plays, and full-length plays, most of which are in the public domain. The general theatre section is divided by country or region, and includes full-length articles about the tradition of the theatrical arts in Britain, Ireland, Russia, and Spain, among other countries.

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