Project #15

Project:#15 Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte of MIT Media Lab wrote a book called Being Digital. I always thought it was ironic that he wrote a book and didn't publish it on line. Well, it is now available online to an extent. The digital version of Being Digital is called Dockmaster. Much of the book is included, but not all. However, what makes this worthy is the use of hypertext and the "Beyond the Epilog ue" section and a "readers talk back section".

Your assignment is to go to this site by clicking on Dockmaster above and read The Introduction: The Paradox of a Book to Being Digital, read one or more chapters from Part Three, and read any one link from Beyond the Epilogue. You may of course read more but this is a minimum as you prepare your review of this site. Take notes and save it as dock.htm. Your essay will be the substance of your own "readers talk back" letter to the author. Writing your Cyberdock essay on the Internet.

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