Project #28

Project:#28 Hypertext Haiku

Hypertext Haiku.

Haikus are a unique kind of poem of Japanese origin. Basho, a 16th Century Japanese poem is considered a master of haiku. You will be writing your own Haiku, Urban Haiku. Read about the Process of Composing Your Own HAIKU. Haiku are loved by many people around the world. Samples of haiku. Say you can't write your own haiku? Here is yet another variation of the use of haiku in a creative way. Maybe you would like cat haiku. For fun try the Jewish haiku or these computer/geek haiku. If you are a Trekkie, then these Star Trek haiku are for you. Every episode is converted into a haiku:) And finally more nuggets from the Mining Company. Writing Urban Haiku.

Modern Haiku With its origins in 15th century feudal Japan, the haiku is one of the most delicate forms of poetry and, despite its deceptively simple meter, can convey a wide range of emotion, feeling, and nuances. Started in 1969 by Kay Titus Mormino, Modern Haiku is a journal dedicated to promoting and publishing the work of those writers and poets working on this particular form of poetic expression. On this site, visitors can browse the last seven issues of the journal, which is published three times a year. Each issue features a number of poems, featured cover art, a note from the editor, and a featured critical essay. From the main page, visitors can browse a list of recent and past book reviews featured in the journal, along with information about submitting work to the editor.

You will write five haiku on paper. You will select four words in each haiku which have a logical link to one of the other haiku you have written. Next you will write the five haiku in five separate files using html coding to make the links to the other haiku. You will also create a first page called haiku.html which will define haiku poetry and begin us on our hypertext journey through your five urban haiku.

Previous Scholars' Haiku. If you need more examples of hypertext haiku, then read these and be prepared to write your own haiku and link them together as these are done here or in another unique manner.

To better understand the coding procedure, remember to use VIEW Document Source to see the coding.

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