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Project: Parts of the Sentence

Creating sentences is an art form, a mathematic art form. Let's get started.

The sentence contains a verb, a subject, and expresses a complete thought.

John hit the ball.
First identify the verb, that is what is the ACTION of the sentence? In the above sentence, HIT is the verb. Is it Action or linking? The information of whether verb is action or linking will be important later. Once the verb has been identified, we must find the subject of the sentence. To do this ask: Who or What plus the verb. So in this case, the verb is HIT. So Who or What hit? Answer is John Hit so John is the subject of the sentence.

Under Construction


One day the Nouns were clustered in the street.
An Adjective walked by, with her dark beauty.
The Nouns were struck, moved, changed.
The next day a Verb drove up, and created the Sentence.

Each Sentence says one thing-for example, "Although it was a dark
   rainy day when the Adjective walked by, I shall remember the pure
   and sweet expression on her face until the day I perish from the
   green, effective earth."
Or, "Will you please close the window, Andrew?"
Or, for example, "Thank you, the pink pot of flowers on the window
   sill has changed color recently to a light yellow, due to the heat from
   the boiler factory which exists nearby."

In the springtime the Sentences and the Nouns lay silently on the grass.
A lonely Conjunction here and there would call, "And! But!"
But the Adjective did not emerge.

As the adjective is lost in the sentence,
So I am lost in your eyes, ears, nose, and throat--
You have enchanted me with a single kiss
Which can never be undone
Until the destruction of language.

Poem: "Permanently," by Kenneth Koch, from Selected Poems, 1950-1982

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