Project #35 WIRED

Project:#35 WIRED

For your final reflection and project you will create a hypertext file called wired.html. This file will have many functions. The first function will be to introduce all of your work and serve as a webfolio as you will discuss, reflect on ALL of you work and you will give a brief verbal introduction to each piece. This will give you yet another opportunity to proofread your work and reconsider design features. Another function will be to carry the current theme of this country, the year of the gun in school, or violence in schools and reflect on it. You will all use the Richard Wright short story, "The Fight" as the base of the essay you will write on this reflection of the use of guns in school. Be sure to include a prologue [Romeo & Juliet] and epilogue [The Tempest] haiku to wired.html. In conclusion, you will spend the next two weeks reflecting on this year by introducing your year's work, commenting on the violence which has occurred this year, and you will use "The Fight" as a way to further reflect on this phenomenon. Reflect upon this past year. Your opinion and feelings are very important.


  • Link to all your work and briefly discuss it as it relates to the theme of this essay.
    Your work: 3 book reports, 3 opinions, Prospero are key.
  • Include a discussion of Mentors you had, peer review, email.
  • Capitalize: English, CyberEnglish, Internet
  • Proofread

    THINGS TO CONSIDER: In your reflection about your work, yourself, and the class; allow the following be your guide.

  • Can you show growth through your work? Which ones and how?
  • What evidence, from your work, do you have of new learning?
  • Have you changed in the way you learn?
  • What have you read?
  • What have you written?
  • What did you learn?
  • Do you feel proud of the essays you wrote this entire year? If so, which ones do you feel proud of and why?
  • What did you think of peer editing? Did it give you new ideas about writing and how you can improve your writing?
  • What do you feel about using the Internet to do research? Do you prefer it over using other published sources? Why or why not?
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to do research?
  • Did you feel any resistance to using computers in an English classroom in the very beginning? What do you feel about using computers in the English classroom now?
  • Does the computer help you in the process of writing essays? If so, how?
  • Is it easier for you to type out your work, to write it out, or both? If you do both, explain.
  • How does CyberEnglish compare with the other English classes you are taking or have taken in the past?
  • What are some things you have liked about CyberEnglish?
  • What are some ways it can improved? Try to be as specific as possible.

    Past years' Crop

      Login into Telnet.
      At $ prompt type: cd public_html
      At /public_html$ prompt type pico wired.html
      Write and code your WIRED webfolio introduction.

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