Going Cyber doing it better

Ted Nellen, Cybrarian

Murry Bergtraum HS

Cyber Courses getting it done

Cyber courses:

Utilize the Internet and related technology to fulfill the curriculum.

Why do a Cyber Course


Scholar does

Audience is Many

Nearly All Students do


Flexible Structure

User Friendly


Teacher does

Audience is One

Too Few Students do


Rigid Structure

Not User Friendly

Dewey learn by doing

Dewey introduced this idea at the turn of this century and it is finally being realized.

Constructivism is doers doing

Internet is where we do what we do

Telnet, FTP , IRC, Gopher, Lynx, WWW
email, listserv, chat, MOO, browse, surf

Power of the Internet:

Publishing reflects on the doers doing

Audience reacts to the doers doing


Scholars are doers doing

Resources to help get it done

Move from Vertical to Horizontal

Bringing Community to the Schools


Power to the user

Power to the Community

Power to the Schools

Power to the People

Conclusion doodles


Cyber English doing a cyber course

Ted Nellen

Murry Bergtraum HS