Task I Sample Essay

        Almost everyone has a place that they long for a place where everything seem prefect.  This place can hold such a special place in the life of a person for various reasons.  Maybe it reminds him of the innocence of his youth or his carefree teenage years.  These treasured places often times influence the lives of people, as was the case with author Conroy.

        Conroy was attracted to the simplicity of Fripp Island.  It was totally isolated from the Mainland and seemed pristine.  The most evidence of source of life was the plentiful vegetation that doubled as a line of defense against harsh weather, such as hurricanes and violent storms.  Conroy was indeed happy in this simple world where he was just swimming in the beautiful clear or observing his surroundings.  He more readily identify with the swell of tides and marshes  than things associated with the city.  He felt as he was transferred into a magical land whenever he visited Fripp.  This was evident because he felt closer to God and believed that he could remain a young man for all eternity.  He learned to appreciate the things most people take for granted, such as nature and life in general.

        Fripp also influenced the life of Conroy because it was there he had formed the fondest memories of his mother.  She had been the one that had chosen Fripp for the family’s beach.  During the last few years of her life she walked along the shore collecting shells, a scene firmly etched into Conroy’s mind.  He thus began associating his beloved mother with his beloved sea.  It was also the place his mother drew her last breath.  It was time for Conroy to start developing some new memories.

        Fripp was a haven for Conroy in place to escape the worries of the everyday routine.  This small island was very influential in making Conroy see how fabulous life was prior to the rise of industry, technology and the life.  There he learned to live life simply just as God had intended.