Sample Task III Essay
            The effects of war on soldiers are terrible.  The description of pain, disease, stress and unhappiness are present in both passages.  Feelings of dread surround each work of life.
             In passage I, the soldiers' pain is shown in a poetic form.  Each stanza poses the fact that these people are unhappy, and frightened.  At the beginning of the poem it states "Our backache", and "wearied we keep awake"  The person describes the weather, and how dark, cold and silent the night is.  At the end of most stanzas is a statement "But nothing happened".  This statement describes how the soldiers are waiting for the war, but nothing happens.  The language tells the reader how expectant the soldiers are.  The dread is inccesant throughout this poem.  In stanza two the speaker speaks of the wind how they hear "the mad gusts tugging on____."  He goes on  stating that it's like "twitching ago of men among its brambles".  This image of death is a horrid one, and these soldiers must deal with it day after day.  The effect of war upon these people are great.  We know this by the way in which the speaker thinks of everything in terms of ___.  He states that " we only know war lasts", and "__ to dawn with" her melancholy army"  which refers to storm clouds.  Also, the speaker personifies snowflakes as "bullets".  This imagery evoked by the use of language is truly effective getting across the author's point of how horrible war can be.
             The second passage however takes a different form.   This paragraph states the effects of war in an entirely different manner; but poses the same answer.  Throughout the paragraph the author uses monotonous language; and often repetition. He states the things that soldiers from __ carried during the war.  He begins by stating reasonable things that a soldier would be expected to carry,  "they carried sterno, safety pins, trip flares, signal flares…" and many other reasonable items.  This language and even the fact that the work is a paragraph tells the reader how monotonous and scary solders life was.  The effect of war on a fighting soldier is harsh as portrayed in this paragraph.  They had many things to "carry" and not all of them were in a __objects.  The author states: "They carried each other, wounded or weak.  They carried infections."  The author also states that even through all that, the soldiers still maintained their pride.
             They held purple hearts, and codes of conduct.  This use of language gives the reader the feeling that these were good men; they do give up their pride.  The author concludes by using figurative language, stating the soldiers also held "gravity".  This is symbolic of the weight the soldiers had on their shoulders.
             Indeed, both of these works of literature provide insight to the reader on the effects of war.  By using personification, verse form and the successful use of language the reader understood these attrocities