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    From Kate Mura:
    Gilbert Stuart for portraits of President Washington
    For the Harlem Renaissance, searching VanDerZee's photographs would be
      His is a treasure trove of NYC Harlem during that time period.
      "Wedding Day, Harlem" 1926 (one example)
    Search these artists:  Copley, Geo. Caitlin, Bingham, Winslow Homer, and
    John Singleton Copley"s "Portrait of Paul Revere, 1765-70" Museum of Fine
    Arts, Boston
    Paul Revere, "Templeman Tea Service", silver, 17-92-3
    Thomas Sully, "Portrait of Geo Washington, 1820
    (Eakins' "The Gross Clinic" is great.)
    Thomas Cole, "The Last of the Mohicans", circa 1827
    "Valley of the Yosemite" Albert Bierstadt (many others)
    John Singer Sargeant
    Geo. Caleb Bingham, "The Jolly Flatboatmen in Port, 1857"
    Currier and Ives
    Alfred Stieglitz-Photography and New York
       "The Steerage" 1907, Stieglitz (Immigrants
    Grant Wood's "American Gothic" & "The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, West
       Iowa, 1931
    Dorothea Lange, "Migrant Mother" photograph, 1936
    Pollock and Warhol
    Many of the following I used because they are part of the Minneapolis
    Institute of Arts' collection so field trips were easy and postcards and
    posters were abundant for display use.
    "Mill Pond at Minneapolis" 1888, alexis Jean Fournier, American, 1865-1948
    "Cheever's Mill", St. Croix River" 1847 Henry Lewis
    "Portrait Bust of George Washington, 1853" Hiram Powers (Sculpture)
    "The Wash" 1950's Clementine Hunter
    "The Conch Divers" Winslow Homer
    "Elk Hide with a Representative of a Sun Dance" (Native American Collection
    "Prince Albert" 1989 Arthur Amiotte, Oglala Lakota
    "Reminiscences of 1865" John F. Peto (Love this one--picture of Abe Lincoln
    as part
        of the collage-on wood)
    "Walking Man" 1988 Geo. Segal, Bronze Walker Art Center MSP
    How about the Memorial statues and buildings, etc in Washington DC