• Pioneer Picks critical review of 50+ books by 9th graders.

    Adams, Douglas           The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Avi                      The True Confessions of Charlotte  
    Beagle, Peter            The Last Unicorn
    Blos, Joan               A Gathering of Days                
    Blume, Judy              Are You There, God?  It's Me,      
    Blume, Judy              Forever
    Brooks, Bruce            The Moves Make the Man
    Carey, Lorene            Black Ice
    Childress, Alice         A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a         
    Cooper, Susan            The Dark is Rising                 
    Cormier, Robert          After the First Death
    Cormier, Robert          The Chocolate War                  
    Cormier, Robert          Fade
    Crompton, Anne Eliot     The Sorcerer
    Crutcher, Chris          The Crazy Horse Electric Game
    Crutcher, Chris          Running Loose                      
    Cushman, Karen           Catherine Called Birdy
    Duncan, Lois             Killing Mr. Griffin                
    Filipovic, Zlata         Zlata's Diary
    Fox, Paula               The Slave Dancer
    George, Jean Craighead   Julie of the Wolves                
    Greene, Bette            Summer of My German Soldier        
    Hinton, S. E.            The Outsiders                      
    Hunt, Irene              Across Five Aprils            
    Kerr, M.E.               I'll Love You When You're More Like
    Keye(s?), Daniel         Flowers for Algernon
    Klause, Annette Curtis   The Silver Kiss          
    L'Engle, Madeleine       A Wrinkle in Time                  
    LeGuin, Ursula           The Wizard of Earthsea             
    Lipsyte, Robert          The Contender                      
    Lowry, Lois              The Giver
    Lowry, Lois              Number the Stars                   
    Mason, Bobbie Ann        In Country                         
    Mazer, Harry and
     Norma Fox Mazer         Heartbeat           
    Myers, Walter Dean       Fallen Angels                 
    Myers, Walter Dean       Hoops                              
    O'Brien, Robert          Z is for Zachariah                 
    Paterson, Katherine      Bridge to Terabithia          
    Paterson, Katherine      Jacob Have I Loved
    Paulsen, Gary            Hatchet                            
    Peck, Richard            Are You in the House Alone?        
    Peck, Robert Newton      A Day No Pigs Would Die            
    Rylant, Cynthia          A Fine White Dust
    Sleator, William         Strange Attractors  
    Speare, Elizabeth George The Witch of Blackbird Pond        
    Stewart, Mary            The Crystal Cave
    Taylor, Mildred          Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
    Voigt, Cynthia           Homecoming
    Wangerin, Walter         The Book of the Dun Cow
    White, Robb              Deathwatch
    Yep, Laurence            The Dragon of the Lost Sea         
    Zindel, Paul             The Pigman                         
    Compiled by:
    Susan Bunch
    Director of English Education
    University of Southern Mississippi
    The enclosed list is from the Adolescent Literature Class taught by Dr.
    Judith Mitchell, Rhode Island College.
    Charlotte Bronte:  Jane Eyre
    Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights
    Jane Austen: Persuasion; Northanger Abbey; Pride and Prejudice
    Charles Dickens- Our Mutual Friend; Oliver Twist
    Henry James- The Turn of the Screw
    Howard Pyle: Men of Iron
    P.L. Stevenson: The Black Arrow; Kidnapped
    Popular Fiction that Became Classics:
    Richard Llewelym: How Green Was My Valler
    Betty Smith: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    John Knowles: A Separate Peace
    J.D.Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye; Frany and Zooey
    Gordon Parks: THe Learning TRee
    James Agee: The Morning Watch
    Goldman: Lord of the Flies
    Science Fiction and Fantasy:
    Robin McKinley: Beauty
    Ursula LeGuin: Planet of Exile; The Earth Sea Trilogy
    John Christopher: The Guardians
    Walter Miller: A Canticle for Leiborwitz
    Madeline l"Engle: A Swiftly Tilting Planet
    Anne McCaffery: Dragon Song; Dragon singer; Dragon Drums
    Robert O'Brien: Z is for Zachariah
    Alan Garner: The Own Service
    Historical Novels:
    Elizabeth George speare: Calico Captive; The bronze Bow
    Patricia Clapp: Constance
    Roemary Stucliff: Simon; THe Outcast; THe Horse Lord
    Marion Starkey: The Visionary Girls
    Esther Forbes: Mirror for Witches
    Bess Struter Aldrich: A Lantern in her Hand
    Leon Garfield: The Sound of Coaches
    Harry Behn: The Faraway Lurs
    Nathaniel Benchley: Only Earth and Sky Last Forever
    The Best in Contemporary Authors and Settings:
    Mollie Huner: The Sound of Chariots
    Mary Stoltz: The Edge of Next Year; In a Mirror; To Tell Your Love; Leap
    Before you Look
    Paul Zinder: The Pigman; My Darling, My Hamburger
    Nat Hentoff: I'm Really Dragged But Nothing Gets Me Down
    Robert Cormier: THe Chocolate War; I Am the Cheese; After the First Death
    Barbars Werbsa: Run Slowly, Go Fast
    Frank Bonhma: Durango Street; chief; Viva Chicano!
    Isabella Holland: Of Love and Death and Other JOurneys; The Man without a
    Alice CHildress: A Hero AIn't NOthing But a Sandwixh
    Norma Foz Hazer, Harry Hazer: Snowbound; The Solid Gold Kid
    William Sleator: A house of Stairs
    Madeline L'Engle: The Young Unicorns; A circle of endless light.