The websites are up.  As an end of year review activity, I require my
seniors to connect everything they've read during the year.  We use
Wuthering Heights, the final novel study, as a base, they approach it from
a chosen critical approach (formalism, feminism, Marxism,
historical/sociological, or psychoanalytic), and after they've written
some creative original stuff of their own relating to the elements of the
novel, and connected various genres to it, they also connect each play or
novel to each other. 

I give them a choice of website creation or any other "web" concept.  I've
had some delightful overhead projector slide shows, scrapbooks, etc, and
this year one premiere project was a series of original 8x10 photographs
symbolic of the thematic topics, and each photograph was matted on a board
that contained the lyrics to songs that also connected thematically.  I
can't post those photos, but man, oh man, are they well done.  It was
definitely one of the "wow" getters. 

Anyway, many groups opted to create websites, so here they are, with
annotations, for your enjoyment/idea gathering.  Feel free to repond to
these groups -- they'd get a kick out of hearing from you. 

Edna E
by Julie Williams, Jenny Glover, Mitch Sliger
check out the Alphabet Poem!  And great connections to other lit.
Butterflies galore (my teaching metaphor)

by James Dabney, James Dark, April Nelson
"delightful" theme, spooky graphics, good "found poems"

 by Mike Lewis, Emily Davis, Katy Brooks

Aside from requirements, you'll enjoy the personal voice, the creative
home page, AND this group wrote an original song and Mike played it,
recorded it, then uploaded the chorus onto the site  listen to it!  Then
check out the Anthology Alive Connections to all works studied this year
 in poem form!

just take a look - you can tell these guys had fun.  Shawn Buser has
trucked through the year with his "I am a Man" theme, and it continues
here.  Cohorts are Keith McBride and B. J.  Asuncion.  Notice the pics of
the moors Ms. Moore.  And under textual analysis, click on "commonly
asked questions" for a hoot on points of view!

 by Stephen Addcox, Brittney Melton, Karen Ghosn
book covers of each lit connection, very organized walk through lit connections,
good personal voice in annotations

 by John Roberson, Carlin Menefee, Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar
"Heathcliff-is-the-Devil" poem All formed with lines from the book!  A
Must See!  These students are great analysts, but they also love creative
writing. 1st page has "hidden" menu.

 by Jake Jett, Qudsia Nadeem, and Joseph Paguio
excellent ^”connections^‘ poems, and cute moving icons to indicate links

 by Amy Trahan and Jonathan Kanick

 by Noel Tuason, Ryan Sistrunk, Bethany Brown
no lit connections  these were on separate poster presentation

 by T C Matson, Brian Bach, Malvin Dotingco
No lit connections or creative writings  both in separate presentation

 by Joan Do, Heather MacNeill 
 had a separate activity for connections and some creative
 by Leo Kerr, Janis Allen, Erin Welch
good poem connections, a scroller selection rather than links  by Annie, Michelle, and Bridget. 
Did a collage for lit connections, found a poem by Bronte, put tags on
their English countryside pics.