Inspired from NCTE Talk list August 2007

joe dessert: Einstein was a chick magnet Anything by Shel Silverstein Archy and Mehitable's: Lesson of the Moth Most limericks A Man said to the Universe Maybe dat's your pwoblem too (Jim Hall, but not really a poem format) My Madonna, Cremation of Sam McGee, both Robert Service One Perfect Rose, Dorothy Parker Provide, Provide by Robert Frost Reincarnation by Wallace McRae, reprinted from Cowboy Curmudgeon (1992) Taylor Mali's Like Lilly Like Wilson and other Mali poems numerous other slam poets, check out Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam such as Poetri's "Dating Myself Jan Bone: Lear? and Jabberwocky? And Ogden Nash and Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley such as The trouble with a kitten is that It turns into a cat. or Dorothy Parker's Men seldom make passes At girls who wear glasses. and Ogden Nash's A girl who is bespectacled, She never gets her neck-tickled. But safety pins and bassinets Await the girl who fascinets... or Robert Benchley's A harpist certainly needs pluck, A black silk costume--and a truck.