from Sidney's Astrophil and Stella of the sixteenth century:


     O grammer-rules, O now your vertues show;
     So children still reade you with awfull eyes,
     As my young doue may, in your precepts wise,
     Her graunt to me by her owne vertue know:
     For late, with heart most hie, with eyes most lowe,
     I crau'd the thing which euer she denies;
     Shee, lightning loue, displaying Venus skies,
     Least once should not be heard, twise said, No, no.
     Sing then, my Muse, now Io Pfn sing;
     Heau'ns enuy not at my high triumphing,
     But grammers force with sweete successe confirme:
     For grammer says, (O this, deare Stella , say,)
     For grammer sayes, (to grammer who sayes nay?)
     That in one speech two negatiues affirme!