Guidelines for Scholar's Web Pages

Guidelines for Scholar's Web Pages

Information Technology HS is proud to offer you webspace on its server. This is a unique and special opportunity. Respect it, yourself, and others. You are aware of first impressions and the effect they have on people. What you publish creates an impression of you. The web offers you an opportunity to communicate with others and to share your work. Please do it responsibly. You have been given a great deal of latitude and freedom. Respect that and others.

Remember just as you have access to the outside world and its resources the outside world has access to your work. Make that work reflect the best of you and what you want the world to see of you, your family, your school. Do not provide or give personal information to anyone through email or through your web writing. Before your send email or publish,THINK about the consequences of your actions.

The matter of copyright is serious. You must cite the URL of any material quoted or used on your own site and in your own work. We have a lovely collection of material on Copyright In addition, please refer to the ITHS AUP on these matters if you are confused. And always ask your teacher for advice.

Just as you must respect copyrighted material, know that your material belongs to you and is copyrighted as soon as you write it. To insure this so others know, place the copyright symbol on your work. To do this, add the HTML code for copyright which is © your name and date:  © your name date at the bottom of each creation. Rather than copying graphics and such, link to them. Ask permission of others when you quote them or link to their work. That is good netiquette.

As to the matter of archiving your work. ITHS will archive your work upon graduation. You will not have access to it. The reason for this is that we want you to be able to use this work later in your life when you apply for graduate school. The archived work on the ITHS server will provide you with proof of your positive growth as a scholar. You can use the work you did as a junior in high school as a comparison to your work as a junior in college to show growth. This will be the best way to demonstrate to the graduate program of your choice your skills as a scholar. If at any time you wish to have us remove that work, just tell us and we will. It is to your benefit to have us archive it.

If at any time a teacher wishes to use your work in hir own graduate work, that teacher will notify you. You must give that teacher permission to use your name and work in any graduate study.

Now that you are publishing on the web, realize your responsibility to truth and accuracy. You are now part of the food chain. Just as you use the web for research, your work may be used for research. Respond kindly to criticism and behave scholarly in all interactions on the Internet. Understand you may unintentionally offend someone else by what you write or how you say it. Be sensitive to other people's culture.

This is a Brave New World and we are learning and adapting constantly. Change will be constant, so get used to it.