1. The New World: Before America
  2. Three New Worlds: The South, The North, The Middle
  3. The Puritans: New Way of Life, Old Way of Living
  4. The American Revolution: A War of Words
  5. The First American: Benjamin Franklin
  6. The Country Grows: A National Literature
  7. Edgar Allan Poe: New Forms of Literature
  8. The Flowering of New England: New Directions
  9. Emily Dickinson: A Separate World
  10. Mark Twain: The Beginnings of Modern American Literature
  1. Local Color and Realism: A New Flavor to American Literature
  2. America Grows: Mentally and Physically
  3. Entering the Modern World: The American Novel and Short Story
  4. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner: Three American Giants
  5. The Wild Wild West: The California Writers
  6. The American Theater: Powerful Drama in the New World
  7. The American Black Writer: Old Views of Alienation
  8. The American Jewish Writer: New Views of Alienation
  9. American Humor: On the Funny Side
  10. American Nonfiction: On the Serious Side