Huck Finn ch 32-43

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Twain, Mark, pseud.; (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

Chapters 32 - 43
Study Questions: Chapters 32-43

  1. What finally happens to the duke and the king?
  2. Who does Aunt Sally believe Huck is? Who does Tom Sawyer say he is when he arrives at the Phelpses'? How are the Phelpses related to Tom's family?
  3. The king and the duke deceive and abuse people, including Huck himself. Explain why Huck is sorry for them and is "sick to see" how the townspeople punish them.
  4. Do you think Huck has grown or matured.Erom the begining of the novel to the end? What evidence can you cite to support your opinion?
  5. In praising Tom's wits, Huck says, "If I had Tom Sawyer's head I wouldn't trade it off to be a duke ... nor nothing I can think of." What is ironic about Hucles praise of Tom?
  6. Many people claim that Twain should have ended the novel shortly after Jim's capture, thus deleting Tom's reappearance. Do you agree? How might a reader criticize the last section of the novel?


    Write an essay predicting what Huck will do, now that this adventure is over.

    Prewriting. Reread the final paragraph and decide what you think Huck means by "light out for the territory ahead of the rest." Which areas of the United States were still unsettled in the mid1800's.