Why do we need to stockpile and continue to play with nuclear weapons? Balance of power? With whom? At this time in history we should realize their existence is crazy and useless. Terrorists are not a reason to keep them, they are a reason to dispose of them. We have already had too many accidents that should tell us to disarm and dispose of atomic anything.

The Sun is all the atomic energy we need. The problem is that the Sun is free and that atomic is expensive. Since money is to be made atomic will continue to exist. We have gone beyond military need, we have to deal with economics. And since so many people in positions of power and decision making are profiting by atomic energy and proliferation we will continue to have it, until they have figured out a more profitable energy/military item.

And then it will cost us billions to dispose of their mess. I am only reminded of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island to realize that we are flirting with disaster. The lessons of dropping the bombs on Japan has only taught us that we shouldn't and haven't had a major war like that. We have had scirmishes, quick surgical actions, or civil wars. Chemical warfare scares me more than the use of nuclear weapons. That the US is devising nuclear weapons to seek out chemical making bunkers absolutely scares me to death. We have seen the devasatation nuclear power plants gone wrong can cause, imagine the catastrophe of a nuclear bunker bomb destroying a chemical plant.

We do not need to worry about saving the planet, we need to worry about saving Mankind. The earth will survive, it is Man which is in jeopardy.