From: Ms Napier's scholars
Mark Antony speech slang rewrites by Rusty H., the main writer with Joe C's verse is in brackets.

Playas, Romans, countrymen, listen here.
I rolled up hurr to put C-dizzle six feet under; I ain't come to give him daps.
The killings that dawgs do haunts after them; the straight things playas do end up disappearing in their souls;
So let it chill with C-dizzle.  The ill B-dizzle
Done said that C-dizzle had a desire fo success;
If that be true, a playa be causing pain,
[another kid wrote: If that be true, thurr was so wack shizzie goin on.)
And just like the playa C-dizzle set them straight.
Here, bounce from B-dizzle and his crew --
For B-dizzle is a true playa, So are they all fo' sho' true playas --
I'm hurr to speak at ma dawg's funeral.
He was my homie, mai boi who always got mai back
But B-dizzle is hating on him for having a desire fo' success.
C-dawg done helped out Rome
Whose playa tactics did make mad bank --
[another kid: Caesar brought home mad heads to Rome,
and all 'em had some shizznit ta pay.]
I ain't speaking to hate on B-dizzle
[I spit, not beefin' against Brutus, but ta get across ta ya the truth]
Y'all were feeling him once wit-out-a-doubt.
What doubt be holding you up, then, to feel for him?
Oh, judgment!  Y'all ran to tha haters
And playas have lost their minds!  Stick with me. [Y'all hold up] --
My heart is in the death zone with C-dizzle,
And I must chill till it returns to me.