I need titles of poems, songs, short stories, etc. that are centered around the idea of a
letter...like Emily Dickinson's "Letter to the World."  A friend is kicking around an idea
of putting together a unit based on this premise and I'd like to help her out with some
titles. I know of no faster way to generate lots of titles than to ask for help from this
list.  You guys are fantastic! The unit sounds interesting and I think will grab the
students' attention as well.  Of course it will culminate with the kids writing their own
letters to the world.  Has anyone done anything like this?  What are your thoughts or
suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 


Here are some ideas from the "transformations" database: "Letter to an Exile," Claribel Alegria (letter from Penelope to Odysseus), in her book Fugues "Letter to Medea," Helga Novak, in The Defiant Muse "Love Letter," Carole E. Gregory (letter from Delilah to Samson), in Ain't I A Woman! "Letter to the Academy," Langston Hughes, in Against Forgetting Also, there's a book by Brian Holtcamp et al called "When Romeo Met Juliet: Your Inspirational Guide to the Art of Writing Love Letters." Don't know if that would be useful. Elise online.sfsu.edu/~earthman/transformations

Letters From a Nut it is a collection of outrageous letters written to companies etc and their responses. Written by Jerry Seinfeld under a pseudonym. Letters From the Inside I think it's YA Lit 2 girls write back and forth, one's in a juvenile detention center. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Is all letters written to "Dear Friend" Some people might object to content as the main character tries drugs and drinks underage. However, I thought it was excellent and true to life. You might use excerpts

MLK's letter from Birmingham Jail, Alabama Add to this list: IRONMAN by Chris Crutcher. The main character vents about his life in letters to Larry King. Any of Twain's "Letters From the Earth" and any of C.S.Lewis' "Screwtape Letters." I esp. enjoy teaching "Screwtape Proposes a Toast." Love Letters: http://www.vpstartcrow.org/vp/past_prod/love99/love.htm