Identify the metaphors in these poems and explain how they are metaphors.


Just when you thought

that winter

would be here forever,

that it could never end,

you saw:


Amidst the frozen white,

a tiny tip of green,

first blade of grass,

the messenger of spring.


Random raindrops

on the window pane.


Touch them with your finger tip -

but there's the barrier of glass.


You know that if you wanted

to become involved

you should be on

the other side.



Shyly, the child

raised the lid

of the battered box

to reveal

a small feather,

a stone and a piece

of ruby glass.


On the wall,

there is a shadow

of a branch outside.


It moves and it is dancing.


It writes its story

and the ink

is living light.


The wind is now

a roaring, smashing

monster of destruction,

raking all man's work

from the valleys,

from the vales,

and sends them spinning,

broken flying -


but all of that is

not its core,

its center is in truth

eternal stillness

bright blue skies

and all you hear

are gentle whispers

far away

and unimportant.

All Metaphor Poems from For You, A Star. © StarFields 2004.