Using the Dictionary of Literary Terms

This dictionary is an alphabetical listing of literary terms on three pages of text labeled Literary Terms A - E, Literary Terms F - R, and Literary Terms S - Z. Each page contains hypertext links to the other two pages. Each page contains its own alphabetical menu which provides links to definitions of the words listed. Scroll to view the terms available on the page. Click to go to a definition.

Some definitions contain hypertext links to other terms and definitions, e. g., Anapest, Dactyl, Iamb, Spondee, and Trochee have links to Meter, while Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution have hypertext links to Plot. This is done to further clarify the meanings of those terms. A hypertext link back to the definition you came from, however, does not exist. If you use the hypertext link from Climax to Plot, for example, be aware that there is no direct hypertext link back from Plot to Climax. The best way to get back to where you came from in such a case is to click on the "Back" button on your web browser.

Just as the menu terms are hypertext links to the definitions, all definitions contain hypertext links back to the alphabetical menu on the same page. The linking message is Return to Menu.

If I haven't included your favorite term, or a term that you think is absolutely indespensible, and you find yourself asking What kind of dictionary of literary terms is this? then the following: This dictionary is not intended to be exhaustive. It is, however, intended to be useful. Please e-mail me whatever term and definition you believe would make the work complete, and I'll make sure it gets in with your name and location on it, unless you instruct me otherwise. You'll find my e-mail address at the bottom of this page and at the bottom of each terms/definitions page.

Joel Littauer
Bell High School

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