This page lists links to sites that provide arguments against mentoring.

      There are a few drawbacks to Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Mentoring:

      • It lacks the intimacy and spontaneity of voice communication.
      • The type of educational activities mounted on line might be limited by the difficulty that may be encountered transmitting graphics across different computers.

    • WmSafire's op-ed The New Socialism 02.26.96 which speaks against partnerships.

      Safire warns corporate America to be wary of the banner, "social responsibilty." Under this new banner 'leftists' will coerce corporations to pick up the slack left by the government when it comes to funding education, health care, and welfare. He adds a new word to the lexicon of the left: "stakeholder". He defines this word as people who have a direct stake in the education, care, and responsibility of the people. Corporations will be 'stakeholders'. He warns that this is just another attack on corporate greed and a way to continue to pick the pockets of Corporate America to do what the government should be doing.

    • Reaction to Clinton's call for volunteers

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