Subject: Re: [ncte-talk] Narrative Prompts

From: Peggy Smith 

Here are some examples of narrative writing exercises from _The Essay
Connection_ by Lynn Z. Bloom.  I love this book!

1.  Write two versions of the earliest experience you can remember that
involved some fright, danger, discovery, or excitement.  Write the first 
version as the experience appeared to you at the time.  Write the second
as it appears to you now.

2.  Write a narrative of an experience that taught you a difficult lesson.

3.  Tell the story of a personal relationship with someone that helped 
you mature.

4.  Tell about an event important to history, sports, science, or some
other field that you were an eye witness to.  

5.  Write about a day in the life of...

6.  Write a fairy tale or fable, a story with a moral.  Make it suitable 
for children or for people your own age.

7.  Imagine you're an inanimate object (a teakettle, car, watch or other 
object of your choice), or an animal, bird, or plant.  Tell its life history,
either from its point of view or yours.

8.  Imagine that you're telling a major news event of the day (or of
your lifetime) to someone 50 years from now.  What details will you have to 
include and explain to make sure your reader understands it?

Hope this helps get you started.

Peggy Smith

You could ask for memories (or, to protect privacy, "constructed" memories 
that would mix fact and fiction.  Day 1:  Tell a story about the place you 
lived when you were young.  (You might have them describe the place in the 
first part and tell the story in a second part.)  Day 2:  What is the most 
important event that you can recall that would explain a value or idea that 
you have now?  Day 3:  Recall a friend that you had or still have.  Tell a 
story about something you did that no one else knows about.  (Or, tell about 
something you did that made you better friends.) [mmm, this one needs work.]

I hope that helps and that others on the list give you ideas, too.  I can't 
come up with 5 on this Sunday morning!

Louann Reid
From: Adrienne Rose 
Subject: Re: [ncte-talk] Narrative Prompts

Here's something that my students have always been able to relate to ^ a 
series of "My Place" essays.  You start out small then move out into the
world.  The first essay is entitled:  My place in my Family.  The second is:
My place in my School.  The third:  My place in my Community.  Then:  My
Place in my can go on out to My Place on My Planet.  For ninth
graders it would be good to invent more local "places" such as Team, Cirle
of Friends, etc.  They then write a one page (minimum) essay that tells
about how they see themselves as a member of all the above-mentioned groups.
I like it because it forces students to reflect on the self; ninth graders
don't seem to have a clue about how they fit in to the scheme of things ^
grand ou petite.  It also gives teachers a lot of insight about their
students at the beginning of the year.
From Sun Jun 13 19:17:35 1999

I did a list of ten on narrative prompts:

Ther may be other lists that have fruitful ideas, depending upon what
you're looking for.  You might look around a bit.