1.  Oral Histories
Provides the definition and an overview of the advantages for this method of
record keeping. Also features tips for interviewers.
2.  Discovery Channel - Jim Crow Maryland Oral Histories
High school project shares the experiences of African-Americans who lived in
Montgomery County during Jim Crow. Read the transcripts.
3.  Oral Histories of World War II - Navy Nurse
Read this Pennsylvania-born nurse's recollections of time spent in the South
Pacific and the Philippines. Includes a discussion of American POWs.
4.  Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
Features audio clips of holocaust survivors, and describes the University of
Michigan project and archives.
5.  Oral Histories - Family Tree Maker Back Issue
Find a collection of articles that give help to those who want to preserve
their family's oral histories.
6.  Chicago Architects Oral Histories
Summary of transcribed interviews and biographical information of major
architects who have contributed to 20th century Chicago architecture.
7.  DuMont Television - Thomas Goldsmith Oral History
Goldsmith discusses early television technology and his association with the
DuMont television network.
8.  Computer Oral History Collection - Lemelson Center
Describes a collection of materials on the development of the computer
housed in the Lemelson Center at the National Museum of American History.
9.  Rosenak Oral History Interview - Smithsonian Institute
Read an interview with this team of pioneering folk art collectors who have
written a book and curated major exhibitions.
10.  Junior Historians - Doing Oral History
Provides a structure for assigning ESL students oral history projects where
they interview parents or grandparents.