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Books that were/are Helpful
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Aristotle Rhetoric
Atwell, Nancie In the Middle
Barton, David Literacy
Berlin and Bibble Manufactured Crisis
Berlin, Jim Writing Instruction in Nineteenth-Century American Colleges and Rhetoric and Reality: Writing Instruction in American Colleges, 1900-1985
Bomer, Randy Time for Meaning
Britton, James Prospect and Retrospect
Calkins, Lucy Living Between the Lines
Cleary, Linda Miller From the Other Side of the Desk
Daggett, Willard Computers and Information Technology
Daggett, Willard Education is Not a Spectator Sport
Daniels & Zemelman A Community of Writers
Edelsky, Carole With Literacy and Justice for All
Elbow, Peter embracing Contraries
Elbow, Peter What Is English?
Elbow, Peter Writing With Power
Elbow, Peter Writing Without Teachers
Emig, Janet The Composing Processes of Twelfth Graders, NCTE Research REPT #13
Emig, Janet The Web of Meaning
Farrell and Squire (eds) Transactions with Literature
Fletcher, Ralph What a Writer Needs
Foss, Sonja Foss, Karen and Trapp, Robert Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric
Gardner, Howard To Open Minds
Gilligan, Carol In a Different Voice
Glasser, William Quality School
Goldberg, Natalie Writing Down the Bones
Goodlad, John A Place Called School
Goodman, Yetta Watson, Dorothy and Burke, Carolyn Miscue Analysis
Graves, Donald Writing: Teachers and Children at Work
Hart, Leslie Human Brain and Human Learning
Heath, Shirley Brice Ways With Words
Holt, John How Children Learn
Holt, John Freedom and Beyond
Holt, John Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better
Holt, John How Children Fail
hooks, bell Teaching to Transgress
Kooy & Wells Reading Logs
Illich, Ivan Deschooling Society
Iscoff, Eileen Crossing the Mainstream
Jones, Palincsar, Ogle, and Carr Strategic Teaching and Learning
Keene, Ellin & Zimmerman, Susan Mosaic of Thought
Kitto, HDF Form and Meaning in Drama
Kohn, Alfie Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes
Kovalik, Susan ITI: The Model
Kozol, Jonathan Savage Inequalities
Lindemann, Erica A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers
Macrorie, Ken I-Search Paper
Macrorie, Ken Searching Writing
Macrorie, Ken Telling Writing
Mayher, John Uncommon Sense
Mayher, John; Lester, Nancy; and Pradl, Gordon Learning to Write, Writing to Learn
Moffet and Wagner's Student Centered Language Arts K-12
Moffet, James Active Voice
Moffet, James Storm in the Mountains: A Case Study of Censorship, Conflict, and Consciousness
Moffet, James The Universe of Discourse
Murray, Donald A Writer Teaches Writing
Murray, Donald Learning by Teaching
Murray, Donald Write to Learn
Neill, A.S. Summerhill
Paul, Richard Critical Thinking
Payne, Lucile Vaughn The Lively Art of Writing: Understanding Forms
Pirsig Robert Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
Postman & Weingartner Teaching as a Subversive Activity
Pradl, Gordon Literature for Democracy
Rief, Linda Seeking Diversity
Rimm, Sylvia Underachievement Syndrome Causes and Cures
Romano, Tom Clearing the Way
Romano, Tom Writing with Passion
Rose, Mike Lives on the Boundary
Rosenblatt, Louise Literature as Exploration
Routman, Regie Literacy at the Crossroads
Scholes, Robert Textual Power
Shannon, Patrick Becoming Political
Sizer, Theodore Horace's Compromise
Sizer, Theodore Horace's School
Smith, Frank To Think
Spandel, Vicki and Stiggins, Rick Creating Writers
Stock, Patricia Lambert Dialogic Curriculum
Torbe, Mike & Medway, Peter The Climate for Learning
Vacca & Vacca Content Area Reading
Willinsky, John New Literacy

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