Reading /Writing Group Checklist

1. In what ways does this piece deserve praise?

	*Interesting topic?				Why?

	*Good details?			   		Where?

	*Effective words/phrases/sentences?		Where?

	*Well organized?				Explain.

	*Valuable point or lesson?			Explain.




2. What questions do you have about this piece?

	*What did _____________ look like?

	*What were his/her exact words?

	*Why did you (he/she/they...) do this or not do that?

	*What age were you, he, she...?

	*How did you react?

	*Can you better describe the place, the scene?

	*Can you give an example of ________________ ?

	*This sentence/passage is confusing. Can you explain it more clearly?

	*Have you clearly explained how, when, where, what...?