compiled by NCTE-Talk listers 6/99

    Kinds of Poetry
	A.	Lyric
		1.	Epigram
		2.	Pastoral
		3.	Dramatic Lyric

	B.	Sonnet 
		1.	Elizabethan
		2.	Petrarchan or Italian 
		3.	Spenserian

	C.	Ode
		1.	Aeolic
		2.	Horatian

	D.	Hymns/Songs
		1.	Antiphonal
		2.	Serenade
		3.	Aubade
		4.	Ditty
		5.	Paean

	E.	Elegies
		1.	Dirge
		2.	Epitaph
		3.	Monody
		4.	Lamentation

	F.	Narrative
		1.	Ballad
			a.  Folk
			b.  Literary

		2.	Epic
		3.	Metric tale
		4.	Romance

	G.	Anthology

	H.	Free Verse

	I.	Limerick 

	J.	Japanese
		1.	Haiku
		2.	Tanka

	K.	Concrete/form

	L.	Cinquain

	M.	Blank Verse

	N.	Villanelle
	O.	Sestina 

	P.	Oddballs
		1.	Abcedarian (ala Meinke's "The ABCs of Aerobics)
		2.	Acrostics
		3.	Serpentine

	Q.	Doggerel!

	R. 	triolet (TREE-uh-lit, -lay)

   A poem or stanza of eight lines, having a rhyme scheme ABaAabAB, in
   which the first, fourth, and seventh lines are the same, and second
   is the same as the eighth line.

[From French, literally small trio.]

   "The teaching of English has so degenerated these days that it's hard
   to believe that Ira's school curriculum included a rigorous training in
   classical verse forms such as the ballad, the triolet, the rondeau, the
   villanelle and the sonnet, but it did.
   In the first decades of the century the daily newspapers in New York
   were full of poetry, too: there were columns devoted to light verse,
   and often a theatre review or sports notice would be written in couplets
   or quatrains."
   John Tranter, He's Got Rhythm, The Australian (Sydney), Mar 30, 1996.

The Canary Islands got their name from dogs, a light-year is a unit of
distance, and a triolet is a poem of, well, eight lines. These are
red-herring words that appear to mislead us in the beginning but if we
look deeper everything becomes obvious. Triolets are so called because
the key line in the poem appears thrice. Here's a lighthearted triolet by
G.K.  Chesterton:

I wish I were a jelly fish
That cannot fall downstairs:
Of all the things I wish to wish
I wish I were a jelly fish
That hasn't any cares,
And doesn't even have to wish
'I wish I were a jelly fish
That cannot fall downstairs.'

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