ALFRED KREYMBORG Alfred Kreymborg was born in New York City, December 10, 1883. His education was spasmodic, his childhood being spent beneath the roar of the elevated trains. At ten he was an expert chess player; he supported himself from the age of seventeen to twentyfive by teaching and playing exhibition games. At thirty, he turned to the theater as a medium.

Mushrooms (1916), Blood of Thiings (1920), and Scarlet and Mellow (1927) are the work of an apt conjurer and a serious thinker. Humor is in these pages, but ii is humor lifted. Here, in spite of what seems a persistence of occasional affectations, is a sensitive imagination. Puppet Plays appeared in 1923. Although Kreymborg's marionette-like emotions are often too doll-charming or too doll-tragic, these nature dramas are appealing.

Less Lonely (1923) is a more conventional collection; there are even thirty orthodox sonnets. As a chronicler, Kreymborg has written part of his autobiography in Troubadour (1925) and an outline of American poetry in our Singing Strength (1929).