Rubric for a Essay Body Paragraph - Secondary School Educators - From The Mining Company
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Body Paragraph Evaluation Criteria
  • Use this Rubric to evaluate a body paragraph of an essay, but not for an introduction or summary paragraph.

    1. Starts with a transition.


    2. First sentence contains appropriate idea from thesis.


    3. Contains one to three explanatory sentences.


    4. Contains two to four sentences about specific details.


    5. Details are colorful, interesting and appropriate.


    6. Ends with a good closing sentence.


    7. Contains no run ons or sentence fragments.


    8. Is free of errors in agreement.

    A. Subject/verb - singular or plural,
    B. Prounoun selection correct - singular or plural
    C. Prounoun selection correct - subject or object


    9. Is free of punctuation errors.


    10. Is free of spelling errors.


    11. Handwriting is easy to read.

    What are the strongest points of this paragraph?

    What should the writer do to make this paragraph better?