Rubric for a Persuasive Essay - From Secondary School Educators - The Mining Co.
Rubric for a Persuasive Essay

Date: ____ Class:___Title: _____________________

Evaluator: ____________Writer: ________________ Score each of the following aspects of the essay from 1 to 5 with 5 very strong and 1, very weak.

  1. ____Introduction is interesting.
  2. ____Thesis is correct.
  3. ____Opposing paragraphs sound reasonable.
  4. ____The three reason paragraphs each start with a topic sentence.
  5. ____Transitions connect all paragraphs.
  6. ____Reason paragraphs have proper structure. (topic sentence, explanatory sentences, specific, colorful examples, closing sentence)
  7. ____Essay ends with a call to action.
  8. ____The appropriate audience is addressed.
  9. ____A variety of sentence patterns is used.
  10. ____Details are specific and interesting.
  11. The most important thing to work on to improve this essay is ________________________________